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I am finding these days that what I have been coming back to over and over is the need to shore up my courage so I can find the will to stand up, brush off and continue on.  Life on planet earth can be pretty challenging some days and developing courage as an attribute can really help things along the way. We are faced with so many challenges in our search for expanded consciousness, and the sometimes relentlessness in the cycles of these challenges can really wear a person down. Courage is a very important state of being to foster so that we can keep coming back to stand tall in the face of what feels like an endless barrage of….”opportunities” to become more masterful. And, opportunities they truly are. We incarnate on this planet each for our own purpose. But what we all have in common is the desire to transcend this current reality…..which can be pretty ugly at times…and create a new way of being. This new way of being integrates the courage we fostered along the way dragging ourselves through some pretty dark content. That courage allows us to invite in and fully express Love and Truth. You see, when we are truly courageous we can fully open up to Be and Express who and what we really are. We can let go of all the fear programing that is still held in place in this reality…..we can choose to disengage energetically from all the places that still allow us to feel and experience that program. We can release the mental focus we place on the symptoms and results of these programs. And, we can finally choose a new experience that is completely transcendent of this old reality and way of being. When we choose this place of FREEDOM what we achieve is LOVE and TRUTH. You see, LOVE and TRUTH are a part of our being we can not separate from. It is part of the fabric of our reality. It is what we are made of. WE are LOVE. WE are TRUTH. We only need to understand and find this experience within ourselves. We only need to get to know ourselves as LOVE and as TRUTH by moving on, past all those things that hinder this process and cause us to believe otherwise. We only need to keep our focus on the goal and that focus will move us through all the other stuff, all the other distractions and get us to our final goal. It is the desire for and subsequent achievement of freedom from our own self imposted limitations that will allow us to BE and Express our Divine Formula.

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Heather Rusk