Emotional Sustainability and a Sustainable World

There seems to be such a stigma about looking within or even being aware of feelings or emotions. We seem to feel they need to be controlled, managed or even suppressed. Most people feel as though they will have to admit they are bad or have done something wrong if they get even a little bit close to emotional awareness. Or even worse, that there is something wrong with them, so they avoid at all cost, looking honestly, and deeply at their Emotional Sustainability. This is the very foundation of non-unified thought and action and by its very nature, creates a world that is not sustainable.

I like to look at it like this. Looking at our emotional fitness is not about finding something wrong or bad about us, it is all about being better and more Whole Humans. It doesn’t mean we are mentally ill or “messed up”. When we unify within ourselves, we will naturally unify with others. This has a ripple effect. We build our relationship with ourselves, and that allows us to build a different type of relationship with others. This leads to collaboration with unified individuals, and the natural consequence of that is a creation that supports and perpetuates unity and sustainability. That collaboration becomes a prototype of unity and others are able to benefit from, and emulate it. And that is how the world is changed, one person at a time.

Many definitions of sustainable are actually from a negative view. Such as “not depleting”, “conserving balance by not depleting”. Conserving balance? What is that, and how are we supposed to find anything but struggle from a definition that feels so restricted? Do we have to scrape and do without to be sustainable? Is humanity a species of takers that will have to do without to be in balance to live sustainably? Or do we need a new perspective on all of this? There is unlimited energy available in the Universe. Science is doing a nice job of finding evidence of that now. But when we focus on fossil fuels, using them responsibly and consciously, is that even possible? What if there is no possibility of ever using fossil fuels in a sustainable way. What if we just need to think of something else? What if that something else would be an easy choice if we would just focus on it rather than focusing on how difficult it would be to extract ourselves from a world run on fossil fuels.

What if it is the way we think that prevents us from living sustainably rather than the availability of sustainable options. What if it is not a lack of ideas, but shifting to an openness to new ideas that will cause us to spontaneously create a sustainable world. What if it is not about us running out of time, but, that we are not perceiving the “problem” from a place where true solutions exist. What if, innate in each of us, is an inner genius waiting to be released? What if this inner genius is naturally, a sustainable being, with sustainable thought and action? What if anything non-sustainable would seem ridiculous to this inner genius?

Sustainable processes and practices are created through our thoughts, which are effected by our emotions, and both those things are influenced by our unconscious minds. Without becoming clear, free and unified in our mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions), what we create will not be free, clear and sustainable. Our hearts and minds are an essential component to our creations.

I truly feel as though the missing link to the sustainability movement is the clarity (position of Emotional Sustainability) of each human. True sustainability comes from not only the understanding of the concept that we have the potential to be FREE, but from the place where we are truly free. That place where we are truly free to choose and create from our infinite potential with no filters. That place is our inner genius, and that genius is naturally and innately sustainable.

Heather Rusk