Beyond Mind Quieting

Many of you already know what mind quieting is or at least understand the concept.  It is the practice of quieting and stopping all mind chatter in meditation so that we are prepared to connect with, perceive and integrate  higher information than our mind usually has access to.  Mind quieting allows us to be ready and also have space to BE more of ourselves, by ridding ourselves of the mental debris that usually gets in the way of experiencing our higher expression.  Mind quieting is a very important practice for those who intend to access and BE the New Paradigm since the NEW is simply a frequency, a new level of energy than we as humans have had access to in a very long time.
In my own personal study of mind chatter I began to realize that if I paid attention to the content of the chatter it gave me great information about what was going on in my own personal process.  If I could not access what was “up” for me in another way I would listen to the chatter for clues about the lower frequency energies and belief systems that needed to be cleared next.
Then I began to understand that because thoughts create our reality, if my mind chatter is rattling away all day every day, and it is all my subconscious “stuff” that is being expressed through that  ongoing dialogue, then I was recreating my life every day through the part of me that, really……well lets be honest about the subconscious mind….was not always taking the high road.   I am going to say this one again.  My life was being recreated daily…moment by moment, by the lowest, least conscious part of my consciousness.  Yikes!!
It was at this point that I really stepped up my mind quieting practice.  I always thought it was enough to spend time in meditation extending my “quiet” time.  I began to intend to hold and BE this quiet throughout my day…..for this experience of quiet to be my base line experience.  And throughout my day when I would become aware of the chatter I would continually go back to my base line and reset.  Then I would delete all thought forms and thought clusters from my physical body and energy field that were no longer beneficial or relevant to my higher experience and creation, and transmute them into a beneficial energy.  This clearing allows all creative momentum that was initiated through the chatter to be transformed instantly into a positive momentum.
The final dynamic of mind chatter that is particularly important at this time is the aspect of being connected and in relationship with our self.  Mind chatter is a repelling force away from our deep and intimate connection with self.  When our mind is going a mile a minute there is no space or time to feel ourselves, to connect with our guidance and to know, experience and respond to what is going on within.  Mind chatter is like an electro magnetic force preventing deep intimate contact with ourselves.  The energetic frequency of mind chatter is very low.  It is our bottom of the barrel stuff that we don’t want to know about and is often so painful we don’t allow it to surface.  When we allow mind chatter to flow through our minds like a mountain river at spring thaw, we allow a baseline of pain, fear and of disconnect to ourselves.   The consequence to that is a disconnect to our Source.  You see, to really, truly connect with Creator Source, our divine parent, our life force, we must be connected to ourselves.  We must be willing partners with ourselves….the human us and the divine us merged together as one, accepting and creating together, functioning as one, cohesive being.
Next time you are in meditation consider asking and intending to expand your mind quieting into every moment of your day and to fill your experience.  If you choose to add this expanded version of mind quieting to your practice you will not regret it.  Creating a NEW relationship with yourself will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have.  After all you really are pretty awesome.  I think so, you will think so, and I KNOW Creator thinks so as well.   As your relationship and intimacy with yourself continues to deepen the possibilities to expand into new realms expands as well.
Until next time…have fun and stay connected.
Heather Rusk